You'll find below a link to Excel files for calculating the score of all multiple events in athletics (except the 'doubles', 14-athlon and 20-athlon). For men these are: pentathlon, decathlon, throw pentathlon, indoor pentathlon and indoor heptathlon. For women the same plus outdoor heptathlon. The new 2010 age gradings for masters are included, but multiple events for children are not. (Note: the order of events of the decathlon and double decathlon for women is not the same as for men.)

Sheet one contains a vocabulary. You can change the text in the yellow cells to whatever you want. All other sheets will show the words as you have written.

Sheet two contains the age-gradings for masters. When gradings are changed you can update the spreadsheet by altering the yellow cells. All calculations on other sheets then will use the updated gradings automatically.

In the 2010 versions there is an extra sheet called 'Other specs'. This is to calculate points for older specifications of javelins, disci etcetera and for other heights of the hurdles. This" makes it possible to recalculate old records with old specifications into the new gradings. So the old records still can be compared with newer ones, as can be seen on the site of the main designer of the new gradings, Bernd Rehpenning.

There were some faults in the M70 and M100, so a new version is now available. (August 18 2010)

[picture of spreadsheet] The spreadsheets are simple, see the example to the left. Cells within black rectangles can be changed. The first column is for minutes (distances of 800 m and longer), the second column for seconds (runs) or metres (jumps and throws).

Points of these results are shown in dark blue. For masters both points (dark blue) and result after age grading (black) are given. The final total of a multiple event is shown in light blue, horizontally and another time vertically in column C.

Download Multiple Events Women. (Version 2014)
Download Multiple Events Men. (Version 2014)

When you want to compare the new 2014 gradings with the older 2010 and 2006 gradings, here are the old ones:
Download Multiple Events Women. (Version 2010)
Download Multiple Events Men. (Version 2010)
Download Multiple Events Women. (Version 2006)
Download Multiple Events Men. (Version 2006)

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